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MMO TOOL V1.2 Beta -Samsung HTC LG Huawei Oppo Vivo

MMO TOOL V1.2 Beta -Samsung HTC LG Huawei Oppo Vivo


Remove FRP IN EDL MODE Format in EDL mode Remove FRP IN ADB MODE ALL MODEL V3 MAX PD1523F V3 PD1524F V5 PLUS PD1624F V7 PD1718F V7 PLUS PD1708F V9 PD1730F V9 YOUTH PD1730BF X5 PRO PD1421F X9 PD1616 XPLAY5 PD1522A Y35 PD1502F Y37 PD1503F Y51-Y51L PD1510F Y53 PD1628F Y55S PD1613BF Y55-Y55L PD1613F Y65 PD1621BF

Update OPPO

Direct Unlock Oppo A33 Oppo A33F Oppo A57 Oppo F1 Oppo F1+ Oppo F1s Oppo FIND5 Oppo Joy Oppo R5 Oppo S7


A30 A33 A33f A33m A37f A51f A51w CPH1607 R9s CPH1611 R9s Plus CPH1613 F3 Plus CPH1701 A57 CPH1707 R11 F1f R7g R7plusf R7Plusm R7sf R7sm R7sPlus R9PlusmA R9PlusTM R9PlustmA R9st

add Repair IMEI and Patching Certificate SM-G361F SM-G361H SM-G361HU SM-G531BT SM-G531F SM-G531H SM-G531M SM-G531Y SM-I9060 SM-I9060I SM-I9060M SM-J100F SM-J100FN SM-J100G SM-J100H SM-J100M SM-J100ML SM-J100MU SM-J100MV SM-J100VP SM-J100Y SM-J105B SM-J105F SM-J105H SM-J105M SM-J105Y SM-J106B SM-J106F SM-J106H SM-J106M SM-J110F SM-J110H SM-J110M SM-J200H SM-J210F SM-J320H SM-T111 SM-T111M SM-T111NQ SM-T113 SM-T113NU SM-T116 SM-T116BU SM-T116NQ SM-T116NU SM-T116NY SM-T280Q SM-T285 SM-T285 SM-T285M SM-T285YD SM-T287 SM-T561 SM-T561F SM-T561M

add QCN TOOL add Format and Remove FRP in EDL MODE add Select custom Loder Remove account anti-relock to MUI10

Support All Window & Laptops 32xx 64xx
Windows XP
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10

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